Which Dogs Are Hypoallergenic?

With approximately 15% of the population being allergic to cats and dogs, it’s not unreasonable to ask which dogs are hypoallergenic!

It is important to note that much like cats, there are no truly non-allergenic dogs, but there are essentially “low allergy” dogs.  What that means, most often is that they shed very little or not at all, reducing the allergens they spread.

Now, all that being said, if you are allergic to the dogs saliva then there is very little you can do, especially if you have a more severe reaction, a dog may simply not a good option.

Okay, with that disclaimer out there, lets get started shall we?


The first on the list here is perhaps one of the most well known dogs, the poodle.  Poodles are very versatile dogs, coming in three different sizes!  Small, medium and large, meaning that you can really pick which one suits your lifestyle.

They don’t shed since they have hair, which grows much like ours, so the spread of dander is a lot less pronounced than in a breed like a husky who’s going to shed enough to make another dog.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise’s are a small dog with curly hair, much like the poodle it grows like ours and isn’t going to shed everywhere.  Even if you don’t have allergies, sometimes having a dog who doesn’t shed like one of these guys can be a plus.

It is important to note that not shedding doesn’t mean that they don’t have grooming needs, in fact they will need regular hair cuts like us, so having a reliable groomer will be very important.

But, if you are really determined to groom them yourself, you might want to take a look at some dog grooming supplies.

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested dogs are truly unique looking little guys, aren’t they?  I’ve found that people either really love them or really don’t.

I personally think they fall into that “strangely cute” category.  They can be pretty lively little dogs and friendly puppers that tend to be fairly allergy friendly because they are…  Well, a hairless dog breed, which again reduces the allergens going into the air and into your rugs and furniture.

One thing to consider with a hairless breed however, is that they are going to need something to help keep them warm, especially if you live in a cooler climate!


​Here is another dog that’s really interesting in appearance, the Puli is an energetic herding dog (think sheep-dog with dreadlocks) that originated in Hungary.

They are definitely on the rarer side of the dog spectrum, but they are loyal, smart and hard working which makes them easier to train than some other dogs.

The dreadlocks are a definite head-turner and their original purpose back in the herding days of old was a sort of protection, both against the elements and against wild animals, just imagine something trying to bite the Puli, all they’d get is a mouthful of hair!


What list of hypoallergenic dogs would be complete without the Labradoodle?  It’s a popular cross breed that has come onto the scene in recent years and a lot of people have had a lot of luck with these sweet dogs.

They are a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle with the goal being to obviously get a mixture of the best qualities of both breeds.

With that said, because it’s a cross breed and not a 100% stable pure bred puppo, you can’t be completely sure of the results that you’ll get from the puppies.

That doesn’t mean they can’t be great and that the Labradoodle cross isn’t for you, but you might want to be a bit more cautious when picking just the right one for you and be on the look-out for experienced, responsible breeders (which ideally you should be anyway).

You should also look-out for a second generation pup for the best results, meaning that the parents are a Lab and a Poodle.

Yorkshire Terrier

When asking the question, “Which Dogs Are Hypoallergenic”, Yorkies are a popular breed, and for good reason!  They don’t shed, since like the Poodle or Bichon Frise they have hair like us!

They are really teeny, my grandmother’s Yorkshire Terrier is about 6 pounds full grown now.  One of the best things about them though?  They often don’t really understand how small they are.

Talk about a big dog in a little body.  Do be mindful though, if you go to a breeder that is prioritizing the size of their dogs, make sure they aren’t compromising the health of their dogs just to breed smaller puppies.


The Basenji is a special breed of dog originating from central Africa originally.  It’s considered hypoallergenic due to how little it sheds and how very clean they are.

Basenji’s have a very cat-like personality, and their grooming habits also tend to mimic cats.  They have a tendency to get into high places as well, since they really like being tall, so if you have a “no pets on the furniture” rule, you may want to consider getting them their own.

Now, they are incredibly intelligent, but because they tend to be more aloof and have a “mama I do what I want” personality, they can be quite hard to train.

With that said, they can learn to do very complex things once you guys get there, so just stick with it.

​So, as you can see there are a plenty of options, no matter what kind of doggo you happen to be looking for!  With seven different options and a few more that I just didn’t have time to list today (perhaps in a future post), you have a wide array of personalities, sizes and energy levels to chose from!

With all that said, you can go the extra mile and really allergy proof your house as an added measure!

There are plenty of things you can do, ranging from the super simple to going all out and waging war on your allergies.  I’m going to cover all of that in a future post coming out soon!  I hope you stay tuned and find it helpful!

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