How To Build Your Own Bird Play Gym

How To Build Your Own Bird Play Gym

Want to learn how to build your own bird play gym? Here are two ideas that are sturdy and will last a long time even if you have big parrots who love to chew! The first is a table top model that lets a wire shelving unit do the heavy lifting.  The second is made … Read more

7 Spiffiest Portable Outdoor Cat Enclosures Of 2020

Best Portable Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Indoor cats everywhere love portable outdoor cat enclosures.  These little beauties get them out into the fresh air and sunshine! All while keeping their human servants calm about such things as safety and such.  Set up your portable enclosures in yards, on porches or at campgrounds with ease. 👉 In a hurry? Check out these … Read more

Betta Fish Tank Setup Ideas That Make A Statement!

Betta Fish Tank Setup Ideas That Make A Statement

You are just gonna love these spiffy betta fish tank setup ideas!  We did our best to find examples and great betta fish decorating ideas for pet fish enthusiasts of all persuasions. So if you’re a lover of aquariums aquascaped to the Nth degree, modern minimalist fish tanks tricked out with only the bare essentials … Read more

Felted Cat Caves: Whimsical Sculpted Cat Bed Ideas

Felted Cat Caves

We have fallen in love with felted cat caves and think you and your cats will too.  These things are flat out amazing. When it comes to shape or design, because they are shaped from felt, the sky is literally the limit.  Designers can create any hollow shape they can imagine from ultra sleek, modern … Read more

Faux Leather Dog Bed Ideas

A faux leather dog bed is a stylish, fun and cruelty free way to give your pampered pooch a posh place to rest his weary bones.  They will love you for getting them up off the floor and into the lap of luxury that you both know they deserve. Seriously folks, these doggy beds are … Read more

Fun Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse Ideas

Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse Ideas

Ok folks, a cat teepee bed playhouse is a crazy fun idea.  The unusual design will amuse you and your guests while your cats will love the little hidey-hole space to romp or sleep in. A total win-win!  In addition to keeping your cat toasty warm and up off the floor while napping your kitty will … Read more

Zebra Finch Cage Setup Ideas & Tips!

If you have a pair of birds this is an excellent zebra finch cage setup to get you started.  Ok, so it’s good for folks who are old hands at finch keeping too. The doors on this cage are especially nice.  There are two of them and they work independently of one another and they … Read more