Small Animal Supplies

It's incredibly important that no matter what kind of small friend you bring into your life, you have the proper small animal supplies to go with them.  Because its worth noting that whether you are bringing home a mouse, bunny, chinchilla or ferret, they all need things to keep them safe, happy, healthy and of course, to make your life easier!

Small Animal Bedding

Small animal bedding and litter is a very important part of keeping most small animals.  It gives them a really snuggly soft place to play and sleep, while also being a safe litter of sorts that you'll want to clean out regularly.  Now, there are dozens of different options when it comes to bedding and litter, and lets just say that very rarely is there a truly wrong choice, it's more a matter of what's right for you and your pet, which is why we have a nice list for you to inspect below.

Small Animal Collars

Small pet collars aren't just cute accessories, they can also be very important if, much like a dog, your baby happens to make it out of the house unsupervised.  Now, I know this is the thing we all strive to avoid and I have no doubt you are very careful, but stupid things happen to the best of us and it's always best to be prepared.

Small Animal Harnesses

Moving away from collars and why they are important for unexpected trips, harnesses make planned trips safe and sound!  Small animal harnesses are really useful for when you want to take your little buddy out and about, because it's good for your bunny, ferret and rat friends to get out into the grass too!  And these are specifically designed so that your little critter won't wiggle out of their harness!  They are escape artists, after all.

Small Animal Leashes

And of course, what would a harness be without a leash to attach to it!  You've got your choice in length and of course, color!  It's always nice to have choices, so that you can make the right fashion decisions for you and your family.  Of course, figuring out what length you and your small pet like is also pretty good.

Small Animal Food Bowls

Having something to put all that small animal food in is important too, so having sturdy bowls is really important.  Having ones that either attach directly to the cage bars or is heavy enough not to get knocked around becomes especially crucial when you're trying to avoid additional mess in your buddies home.

Small Animal Water Bowls & Bottles

Similar to small pet food bowls, you want something nice and strong to keep their water in, avoiding unnecessary mess!  There are many things you can try from heavy ceramic bowls, small animal water bottles or metal bowls that clip onto the side of the cage!

Small Pet Odor Remover

Finding a good odor remover is probably going to be something you'll want, because most small animals come full on equipped with their own super-smell.  It's simply a thing to be aware of, so when you're bringing home your new fuzzy friend, don't be caught off guard!  Be prepared with ways to fight that smell if you don't want it lingering around.

Small Animal Stain Remover

And last, but certainly not least, you'll want to invest in a good stain remover!  Something that won't hurt you or your pets, but will get out the stains when your new rat friend eventually poops on you and smears it places, or in case someone pees where they shouldn't.  Hey, accidents happen!  It's up to us to be prepared.

And those are some small animal supplies to get you started!  It certainly isn't a comprehensive list, but it's a good place to start for the various odds and ends that come with being the mom or dad of some little fuzzbutts.  Don't forget that you'll also need good housing for them, so if you haven't brought you little buddy home yet you should consider getting all that set up first.  You can learn about a DIY rabbit cage over here, or even a comfy home for your fuzzy ferret over here.

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