Which Dogs Are Hypoallergenic?

With approximately 15% of the population being allergic to cats and dogs, it’s not unreasonable to ask which dogs are hypoallergenic! It is important to note that much like cats, there are no truly non-allergenic dogs, but there are essentially “low allergy” dogs.  What that means, most often is that they shed very little or … Read more

Faux Leather Dog Bed Ideas

A faux leather dog bed is a stylish, fun and cruelty free way to give your pampered pooch a posh place to rest his weary bones.  They will love you for getting them up off the floor and into the lap of luxury that you both know they deserve. Seriously folks, these doggy beds are … Read more

Front Pet Carriers For Small Dogs

Front Pet Carriers For Small Dogs

Have you seen these front pet carriers for small dogs?  They are too cool and very handy for folks who own dogs 20 pounds and under who need a bit of assistance getting around. Shown above is the Kyjen Outward Hound Front Carrier.  It comes in two sizes.  The small is for dogs up to 10 … Read more

Cordless Dog Nail Grinder

We use a cordless dog nail grinder for our Bobo Dog’s nails and love it.  These things are God’s gift to those of us owned by our dogs. They wear down the nail in much the same way a dog would naturally if they ran around enough outside. The first one we used was a … Read more

Best Large Breed Dog Clothes For 2021!

Large Breed Dog Clothes

Large breed dog clothes can be difficult to find.  For some strange reason manufacturers seem to think that only folks with little dogs want to dress them up.  How silly! This shopping guide for large dog clothes was put together based on if the item would fit our Bobo Dog. (Ok, his real name is … Read more

Leather Dog Collars With Bling

Are you looking for leather dog collars with bling for your little darlings?  If so we’d like to call these little beauties to your attention.  Not only do they sparkle like a million bucks they come in an assortment of colors to compliment any pups coat. In addition to the ever popular pink, they come … Read more