Which Cats Are Hypoallergenic?

So, you want a cat, but you or someone in your family is allergic and you want to know which cats are hypoallergenic? The truth is, no cat is going to be truly, 100% hypoallergenic. Meaning, that they are going to always have some of the potential irritant on them and in the air. The … Read more

7 Spiffiest Portable Outdoor Cat Enclosures Of 2020

Best Portable Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Indoor cats everywhere love portable outdoor cat enclosures.  These little beauties get them out into the fresh air and sunshine! All while keeping their human servants calm about such things as safety and such.  Set up your portable enclosures in yards, on porches or at campgrounds with ease. 👉 In a hurry? Check out these … Read more

Felted Cat Caves: Whimsical Sculpted Cat Bed Ideas

Felted Cat Caves

We have fallen in love with felted cat caves and think you and your cats will too.  These things are flat out amazing. When it comes to shape or design, because they are shaped from felt, the sky is literally the limit.  Designers can create any hollow shape they can imagine from ultra sleek, modern … Read more

Fun Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse Ideas

Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse Ideas

Ok folks, a cat teepee bed playhouse is a crazy fun idea.  The unusual design will amuse you and your guests while your cats will love the little hidey-hole space to romp or sleep in. A total win-win!  In addition to keeping your cat toasty warm and up off the floor while napping your kitty will … Read more

Best Window Mounted Cat Door Ideas

Window Mounted Cat Door

In a hurry?  Check out this ideal pet cat door! If you have been looking for a high quality window mounted cat door this one fits the bill. The cat door or flap is centered in the unit and is flanked by two windows to maximize the light let in in spite of the addition … Read more

Extra Large Cat Scratching Post

Extra Large Cat Scratching Post

This extra large cat scratching post will make a difference in you and your cats lives.  A strong statement, I know.  But if you don’t provide your kitties with something they will FIND something to scratch.  Like your sofa, laundry hamper or drapes! It’s not their fault.  Cats NEED to scratch to shed their claws … Read more

Cat Tree For Declawed Cat Ideas For 2021

If you’re looking for a cat tree for declawed cat, boy do we have a good selection of cat trees for you! It’s really important to supply your declawed cat with easy to climb and fun things to do! Because they need mental stimulation and exercise too (duh, right?). It’s worth noting before we get … Read more

Window Mounted Cat Bed “As Seen On TV”

The “Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed” comes with a cushion and a laser toy.  As I’m sure you’ve seen on TV this is a nice cat product bundle.  And the price is right now that you can get it in stores instead of having pay all that “processing and handling” that always jacks up … Read more