Pet Rat Glass Cage

We love this spiffy pet rat glass cage because for pet lovers like us it’s just so darn flexible.  What would-be zoo keeper doesn’t have a 10 gallon aquarium or two laying around the house?

This high rise tank topper lets them do double duty for your furry little friends. When not in use for fish, frogs, turtles, hermit crabs, etc.

Now as a general rule you don’t want to keep rats in a tank or tub because of the large amount of ammonia from their urine.  It settles to the bottom of the cage. And if you just have a screen lid on the top they can’t get up out of it if they need to.

The “Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper” not only provides excellent ventilation for your pet rat it literally doubles the living space for her.  Honestly, I wish something like this had been available when we had our pet ratties.  And we are not alone in thinking so…

Sarah Says…

“Few things are EXACTLY what you think they’ll be when you order them but this product WAS!  I love it and more importantly so does my pet RAT!   It is super easy to put together, too!   And it’s a real steal for the price especially when you factor in all the accessories that come with it.”
Brianne tells us…

“OMG I can’t believe how cool this tank is.  It’s totally the thing I was looking for! Using this has doubled the area for my rattie.  It fits exactly on top of the 10 gallon tank she already had and she LOVES it!”

Something that’s not easy to see in this photograph (sorry about that) is the door opening in the top of the cage.  This makes it easy to change water, feed and play with your pet rats without removing the entire tank top.

Note… The ASPCA has some excellent info on pet rat care.

Another benefit to having the wire tank top is being able to hang your water bottle on the outside of the cage.

Now, I know this topper comes with a water bottle that fits inside the little house and that’s very cool.  But anyone who’s ever had rats or other rodents as pets knows that eventually anything inside the tank will be gnawed on.

This is normal and necessary to the health of your pet rats.  But preventing them from chewing a hole in their water bottle saves you money AND from having to clean up all that wet litter 🙂

But… when you do need to remove the tank topper, just open the clips and pop it off.  The rat cage accessories are attached and are removed with it making cleaning and changing up the bedding a  breeze.

If you’re wanting something a bit more and you just want to see more stylish pet rat cages, you should check out these rat cage setups.

Get your pet rat glass cage right here!

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