Parrot Table Top Play Stand

This parrot table top play stand gets our “Spiffy” seal of approval because it hits all the marks pet bird owners are looking for in a play gym for their feathered friends. At almost 2 feet square and 18 inches tall, it is large enough for any bird up to a medium sized parrot to … Read more

Best Large Breed Dog Clothes For 2021!

Large Breed Dog Clothes

Large breed dog clothes can be difficult to find.  For some strange reason manufacturers seem to think that only folks with little dogs want to dress them up.  How silly! This shopping guide for large dog clothes was put together based on if the item would fit our Bobo Dog. (Ok, his real name is … Read more

Cat Tree For Declawed Cat Ideas For 2021

If you’re looking for a cat tree for declawed cat, boy do we have a good selection of cat trees for you! It’s really important to supply your declawed cat with easy to climb and fun things to do! Because they need mental stimulation and exercise too (duh, right?). It’s worth noting before we get … Read more

Pet Rat Glass Cage

We love this spiffy pet rat glass cage because for pet lovers like us it’s just so darn flexible.  What would-be zoo keeper doesn’t have a 10 gallon aquarium or two laying around the house? This high rise tank topper lets them do double duty for your furry little friends. When not in use for … Read more

Extra Large Bird Cage Setup Ideas

Whether you have a bunch of little songbirds or a big flappy parrot baby getting yourself an extra large bird cage is never a bad idea!  In fact, the larger the bird cage the better in most cases. Finches need room to flit around from perch to perch, bounce and sing their song. Parakeets, conures … Read more

Leather Dog Collars With Bling

Are you looking for leather dog collars with bling for your little darlings?  If so we’d like to call these little beauties to your attention.  Not only do they sparkle like a million bucks they come in an assortment of colors to compliment any pups coat. In addition to the ever popular pink, they come … Read more

Window Mounted Cat Bed “As Seen On TV”

The “Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed” comes with a cushion and a laser toy.  As I’m sure you’ve seen on TV this is a nice cat product bundle.  And the price is right now that you can get it in stores instead of having pay all that “processing and handling” that always jacks up … Read more