Must Have Fish Products For All Aquarium Lovers!

Pet Fish Products: Must Have Stuff For Aquarium Lovers

You love to decorate your aquarium, right? We’ve sourced the best pet fish products so you can indulge yourself and keep your little aquarium buddies happy and healthy at the same time. Whether you’re looking for a new aquarium and stand, want to totally replace your aquarium decor or just need some new fish food, we’ve got you covered. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for be sure to let us know and we’ll find it for you. 

Fish Tanks

Fish tanks are the most basic of fish products, aren't they?  In times past, fish keepers were stuck with a basic rectangular aquarium.  However, the folks who want to keep pet fish today are totally in luck because there fish tanks come in a rainbow of shapes and sizes.

In fact we have an entire page dedicated to tanks, from old fashioned ones to a really wonderful modern fish bowl!  If you want a taste of what's in store on our other pages and on amazon just check these out...

Fish Tank Stands

Let's face it, the fish tank stands you choose for your aquariums can make or break your presentation.  If you want your fish tank to make a statement you need to keep your home decor in mind as you're choosing one.  A contemporary fish tank stand is great for a modern sleek look but if you have a more country look going you'll want a rustic fish tank stand like this.  

Fish Food

Not all fish food is created equal.  That's not to say that all the main stream brands aren't nutritious and good for your fish, they are.  BUT!  You need to buy the right kind for your fish.  Do not buy Goldfish granules for your betta fish and expect him to thrive!

PRO TIP: Always match the fish food to the fish.

Aquarium Cleaners

When shopping for aquarium cleaners be sure to keep in mind how deep your tank is.  There's nothing worse then having to submerge your arm up to the shoulder to get your gravel clean.  With the huge assortment of siphons and magnetic aquarium glass cleaners there's no reason to soak your shirt at cleaning time!

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Fish Tank Decorations

Picking out your fish tank decorations is arguably the best part of setting up your fish tank.  Well, aside from getting your fish.  We love some of the old standbys like sunken ships and bobbing divers but think a more modern Spongebob or  Little Mermaid theme tank is really fun too!

Aquarium Pumps And Filters

Gone are the days of under-gravel filters trapping all that yuck in your tank!  These aquarium pumps and filters will get the gross stuff out of your tank and keep your water crystal clear.  Just be sure you get one that's the right size for your tank and you're good to go!

Fish Tank Heaters

Why do you need a fish tank heater?  Because almost nothing will kill your fish faster than water that's too hot or too cold. Most pet fish require tropical temperatures.  So unless you keep your home at 78 -82 year round you need an aquarium heater.  As with most pet fish products, be sure you get the right size for your tank.  These can help ensure that everything from your betta fish to your African dwarf frog habitat stays in the Goldilocks zone.

Aquarium Water Treatments

Pet fish can't live in untreated tap water.  They just can't.  At the very least you are going to need to get the chlorine out of it.  And in many cases you'll need to add aquarium salt, fertilizer for your aquatic plants or treat it to adjust the PH with something like a peat solution if you are keeping betta fish or tetras.  

PRO TIP: A water test kit is your friend!

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