Cat Toys

Spiffy cat toys to tempt the most standoffish of cats!

Cat toys are the secret weapon of us lowly human slaves that allow us to placate, distract and generally keep healthy our kitty overlords.  Seriously, anyone who has ever been owned by a cat knows you need a whole host of toys and interesting things to keep your cats mentally and physically busy.  And keeping them mentally engaged is the key to keeping them out of trouble and keeping your furnishings from being destroyed!  Am I right?

Cat Balls

As far as cat toys go, the humble cat ball is a standard or "go to" for every cat owner, ever!  Who among us hasn't wadded up a ball of paper and tossed it into the fray?  And as with all cat toys, that works... for a while.  Yes, diversity is the name of the game when it comes to cat balls and we have assembled a collection here that is sure to please your special kitties.  Just be sure to rotate access to them.  Because as you probably already know, it's the toy NOT ON THE FLOOR that we want!

Catnip toys

When kitty's bored and all else fails, what do you reach for?  The catnip toy, that's what!  Remember a little bit earlier when we were talking about cat balls?  In desperation, I once even tried filling a bit of crumpled paper with cat nip to keep my kitty occupied.  WHAT A MESS!  If only I'd had some of these catnip toys on hand I could have avoided vacuuming for at least another day LOL.

Pro Tip: Hide your catnip toys INSIDE OTHER CAT TOYS like your cat caves or cat teepee beds or playhouses

Cat Feather Toys

There's just something about feathers that intrigues and engages a cat like nothing else. Perhaps it's the way it wiggles and subtly flutters as you dangle it just out of reach.  In any case, we've never seen a cat who could resist swatting at a feathery cat toy tickling their nose!  Heck, our Lelu would pretend she couldn't care less about her cat feather toys until they vanished around the corner...

Pro Tip: Dangle a some of your cat feather toys from your cat trees. This makes the cat tree more interesting and encourages your kitty to play (and scratch) on it instead of your furniture!

Cat Mice & Animal Toys

Cat mice toys have come a long way since I was a kid.  Maybe that says more about me than the pet toy industry but I digress... Today you can get cat mice made of real fur, faux fur cat mice, rattling cat mice, squeaking cat mice and even motorized cat mice!  They have become so popular that other animals are getting in on the act.  Today you'll find cat bird toys rubbing elbows with cat raccoon toys too.

Cat Treat Dispensers

If your kitty loves kibble or treats one of these cat treat dispenser toys is sure to keep them happily occupied for hours and hours.  We have found the trick to successfully engaging your cats with a cat treat dispenser toy long term is to use it for limited periods of time daily.  And to pick it up between uses.  This keeps it "special" in your kitties mind and they'll be eager to play with it when offered up. 

Finding the right mix of cat toys to keep your kitties happily entertained can be a bit of trial and error.  Luckily most cat toys are not very expensive and when you add them to old standbys like open boxes, bags and crumpled paper balls you will build yourself a kitty enrichment arsenal that is sure to keep any cat happy, healthy and out of mischief. 

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