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Best Natural Cat Food

Deciding what kind of cat food to feed to your feline friends is super important.   We know it's something folks angst over because, back in the day, we did too.  We wanted to know we were serving up the very best, tastiest, healthiest food to our beloved Lelu.  So, we did a deep dive into the nutritional value of the readily available cat kibble, canned foods and treats.

The following are the foods we deemed worthy of our Lelu.  We are confident you'll find one or more of them worthy of your feline overlord, too.

Dry Cat Food

When selecting a dry cat food for your precious kitty you have a lot of things to think about.  Is it nutritionally sound?  Can I buy in bulk and use it all before it goes bad?  And most importantly, will my kitty like it?   Below are the best choices for high quality cat kibble we have found.  All of the choices below are full of the good stuff you want your kitty to be eating so you can focus on finding one they actually LIKE!

Wet Cat Food

Not all wet cat food is created equal!  If you are going to to the extra mile and feed your kitty wet food we know you'll want to be sure it's full of real meat and not fillers like bone meal or meat by products.  These are the very best canned cat foods that are still quite affordable.  Especially if you are a member of Amazon Prime and can have them shipped to you for free!

Dehydrated & Freeze Dried Cat Food

The most exciting thing to happen to to cat food in decades is the introduction of dehydrated and freeze dried cat food.  These foods give your kitty all the benefits of a wet food diet (an in many cases a raw diet) with the convenience of kibble for you.  Total Win Win!

Quiet a few of these are available thru Amazon's "Subscribe & Save" program, too.  This means you never have to worry about running out because Amazon will send them to you with no shipping fees on the schedule you set up.

Cat Milk Replacers

Of course we all know the best food for itty bitty kitties comes from their mamma but sometimes stuff happens and we have to step in to save the day.  So, if you find yourself fostering a litter of wee kitties or your mamma cat can't nurse for some reason the following cat milk replacers will save the day!

Cat Treats

Who doesn't love to spoil their kitties rotten?  I know we sure do.   Now I know the "Dog People" in your life will tell you that only their beloved pooches really enjoy treats.  But you know as well as I do that is just a load of HOOEY!  Our kitties come to us demanding treats and I bet yours do too.  These cat treats will empower you to give in to their demands in a nutritionally sound way.


Ok, cats like this edible treat so much it deserves to be featured all by itself.  Of course, we are talking about Catnip!  Your cats will go nuts for any of the following catnip products and a few of them will make you chuckle too.

Pro Tip: Add cat nip to your cat scratching posts and cat trees to pique your kitty's interest and get them to scratch and play on these appropriate items instead of your furnishings!

Cat Snacks

What's the difference between cat snacks and cat treats, you ask?  Well, obviously cat snacks are snackier!  To ease your conscience here's a selection of incredibly healthy (and tasty) cat snacks for your feline friends.  A cool way to use these is to add them to a cat treat dispenser or cat treat toy.

Cat Food Topper

Making meal time more delicious for our kitties is the goal of these cat food toppers.  If you have a truly finicky kitty one of these may be just what the doctor ordered.  Meant to be sprinkled on top of or mixed in with your dry cat food they add just a little pizzazz to your kitty's diet.  Many can also be used as stand alone kitty treats. 

Check out this complete list of cat food toppers available with free shipping from Amazon Prime!

When it comes to finding the right kitty food we know that choice is good.  But, too much of a good thing can become bewildering and with all the hype out there in the pet industry these days it can be difficult to find something that's health and tasty to feed to your precious kitties.  It's our goal to present to you only the best natural cat food that's easily available at reasonable prices so you can be confident in selecting any product from this page.  Let us know how we did!

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