Cat Collars, Harnesses & Leashes

Cat Collars, Harnesses, Leashes & Accessories

Cat collars are a must for both indoor and outdoor cats. It makes us sad to see how many folks don't bother teaching their indoor cats to wear a collar. We know from personal experience that an indoor cat can all too easily slip outside. Without a collar and tag it is much less likely your precious kitty will find his way home.

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Cat Collars

Cat collars are not only pretty but important for the safety of your kitty.  Even if he's an indoor lap cat! Cats without a collar, are apt to be mistaken for a kitty in need of a home.  By keeping a collar on your feline friends you'll insure that folks know he has a home.  And some otherwise well meaning person won't "steal" your cat.

Cat Collar Bells

Cat collar bells are stylish as well as functional.  Pendant bell jewelry adds beauty to your kitty's collar and the delightful tinkling sound helps you to know where your kitty is so you can better keep her out of trouble!.  

Cat Collar Charms

Does your kitty deserve some bling?  Why not add some cat collar charms to their wardrobe? Easy to clip on, you can add bows, rhinestone charms and even seasonal tokens to your kitty's ensemble!

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Cat Flea Collars

When it comes to cat flea collars folks either swear by them or they hate them.  What we've found is they work well enough if you use them properly and change them as often as recommended.  These collars can be a godsend for kitties you'd have a hard time holding still long enough to put flea drops on.

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Cat Harnesses

Do you have an "Adventure Kitty"? Then a cat harness is just what the doctor ordered.  Comfy and secure a harness will keep your cat safe and in your control on the most amazing of adventures.  As a bonus, a cat who is comfortable wearing a harness will have no trouble wearing a pet life jacket (for all our aquatic adventures together!).

Cat ID Tags

Be sure your cat collar has an ID Tag attached to it unless it has your contact information embroidered or printed onto the collar itself.  For inside cats please consider making it clear on the tag that if this kitty is found outside he is LOST and NEEDS HELP!  Be sure the tag includes a way for those who find your friend to get in touch with you ASAP.

Cat Leashes

A cat leash is a must for every kitty even if they are always indoors because vet visits happen.  Vet offices require your kitty be on a leash or in his carrier so be prepared with a cat collar and leash even if you and your kitties are not adventurous types.

We hope we've made the case for every kitty you know having at the very least a cat collar and leash if not a full blown adventure harness.  Consider it fashion for your feline friends and bling out their collars with your contact information, bells, jewels and more to keep them stylin and safe!

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