Spiffiest Aquariums And Fish Bowls of 2018

Best aquariums and fish bowls

We've learned a lot about keeping fish over the years and today's aquariums and fish bowls bear little resemblance to those your grandparents used back in the day.  Today they are sleek, sophisticated and function much better for the benefit of both the fish keeper (you) and the fish who live in them.  Just take a peek at these beauties...

20 Gallon Aquariums

If you're new to keeping pet fish you may not be aware that 20 gallon aquariums come in two sizes a standard 20 gallon tank and what is called a 20 Long.  Which you should get depends on what kind of pet fish (or other critter) you plan to keep in it.  Fish who like to swim (like Danios)  will appreciate the extra length of the 20 long aquarium.  On the other hand fish that prefer to amble around (like goldfish or puffer fish) will be happier in a standard 20 gallon tank.

15 Gallon Aquariums

Options are a great thing, especially for fish keepers.  These 15 gallon aquariums often fit the bill when your fish need more room than a 10 gallon offers but don't have the space for a 20 gallon aquarium.  They can sometimes be hard to find so we've gathered a selection of plain tanks and  designer 15 gallon aquariums for you.

10 Gallon Aquariums

Probably the most common of all fish tanks, 10 gallon aquariums are big enough for a small school of fish or one or two medium sized species fish.  They won't break the bank to setup or maintain and there are lots of great 10 gallon aquarium kits available.  Check out the ones below!

5 Gallon Aquariums

Looking for a modern fish tank?  Look no further these 5 gallon aquariums are the largest of the "desk top" or "book end" fish tanks and come in a lot of shapes and sizes you don't usually associate with fish tanks.  The 5 gallon aquarium kits are very handy for getting started.  We think these make really excellent African Dwarf Frog tanks, too! 

3 Gallon Aquariums

We love how today's contemporary fish tanks now come in a rainbow of sizes and shapes like these 3 gallon aquariums.  The are not really big enough for gold fish but make nice betta bowls or homes for ghost shrimp or a few guppies.  A pair of African Dwarf Frogs would do well in there too.

2 Gallon Aquariums

Some folks think 2 gallon aquariums make the best betta fish tanks!  And we tend to agree with them.  They are small enough to count as a "desk top fish tank" and are spacious enough for your betta fish to have plenty of room to thrive!

Biorb Aquariums

We can't say enough good things about Biorb aquariums.  With a classic Biorb you get the unrestricted 360 view of a fish bowl with all the filtration of a standard aquarium setup.  On the other hand,  the Biorb Life and Flow are the ultimate modern fish tank design.  Sleek and eye catching!

Fluval Aquariums

Always a conversation piece, Fluval aquariums truly marry fish keeping with home decorating.  Space aged, sleek and modern to a fault.  Your home decor will never suffer from the addition of one of these show stopping fish tanks.

FIsh Bowls

These ain't your Grandma's fish bowls baby! Nope, modern aquariums and fish bowls have come a log way in the last few years. Because your fish deserve the best life you can give them, right?  Each and every one of these modern fish bowls is designed to do just that.  Many even come with completely hidden full filtration!

Aquarium Start Kits

What discussion of aquariums and fish bowls would be complete without including an assortment of aquarium starter kits?  Here we've got 3, 5, 10 and 20 gallon aquarium starter kits for you to choose from.  They are rectangular, cubed and even oval. 

Today anyone can find a fish tank to suit their needs or space.  From one gallon "desk top tanks" to 80 gallon fish bowls there is really something for every person and fish.  All it takes is a bit of research into what's best for your lifestyle and the fish you want to keep and we know you'll find the right fit for you.  You'll enjoy it more, too, because today's aquariums and fish bowls are far superior to those available only a short time ago.

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