Fun Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse Ideas

Ok folks, a cat teepee bed playhouse is a crazy fun idea.  The unusual design will amuse you and your guests while your cats will love the little hidey-hole space to romp or sleep in.  A total win-win!  In addition to keeping your cat toasty warm and up off the floor while napping your kitty will love hanging out and "stalk you" from inside.  Add to that the conversation starter value when your uppity neighbors or In-Law's visit and one of these little beauties will be your best friend.

Spiffy Cat Products... Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse

This one has a little sherpa ball and bell to encourage your kitty to play.  The base is filled with 2 inches of memory foam.  Talk about kitty comfort!

The bottom is covered in non-skid corduroy so your floors are safe from scratches. It's 18 inches across and almost 18 inches tall when assembled.  Did I mention the Teepee top zips off?  Yup it comes apart for easy washing, storage or travel.

Our Lelu tells me she must have one of these ASAP.  What is your kitty telling you?  We think this is super spiffy and can't wait to hear how much your cats love it.

Here Are Some More Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse Ideas For You...


Zebra Stripe Fleece Cat Teepee

Spiffy Cat Products... Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse

We love zebra stripes, don't you?  Can't you just see your precious kitty curling up in here?  This pet teepee is big enough for a few critters to curl up in at once and is suitable for use both indoors and outside.  Which is a good thing considering that cats are one of, if not the, most popular pets in the whole world.  Not that we think they all live with YOU but odds are if you have one cat you have (or soon will have) at least two.

Spiffy Cat Products... Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse

Did you know that cats sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day?  We'd be willing to bet that most of the over 500 million of them (domestic cats that is) would love to curl up in this "hidy hole" to do it.  I can see our Lelu sleeping in this pink, black and white cuteness overload.  It would fit right into my daughters room.

Spiffy Cat Products... Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse

When your cat is sleeping she's not only renewing her energy but conserving it for the rigors of hunting for her next meal?  Yes, curling up into an adorable ball and sleeping the day away is what gives them the strength to come a'running when you open a can in the kitchen.  Shouldn't they be able to do so in style?

Spiffy Cat Products... Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse

House cats usually weigh around 8 pounds.  The heaviest domestic cat we know of weighs 46 pounds 15.2 ounces!  We're not sure this tiger in disguise could fit into this cat teepee but it is roomy enough for 2 or three normal ones to cuddle in.

Spiffy Cat Products... Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse

Cats have super night vision.  They can see in light levels six times lower than what a human needs to be able to see in.  So when they curl inside the dark interior of this cool cat bed they won't be missing a thing.  They'll still be more than able to hunt down any passing dust bunnies!

Spiffy Cat Products... Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse
Last but not least we found this super spiffy outdoor cat teepee enclosure so that indoor cats can get outside and enjoy the fresh air in safety.  It's multi levels make it a combination of a tepee and cat tree.  And because it folds down easily into a small almost flat space it's great for those of you (like us) who are crazy enough to take your cats camping with you.


Your cats will love to hide and play inside there spuffy cat teepee!  But you don't have to take my word for it.  See for yourself as this kitty has a blast playing in his...

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Spiffy Cat Products... Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse

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