Zebra Finch Cage Setup

If you have a pair of birds this is an excellent zebra finch cage setup to get you started.  Ok, so it's good for folks who are old hands at finch keeping too.

The doors on this cage are especially nice.  There are two of them and they work independently of one another and they swing down instead of sliding up. No doors falling on you or your birds.  I hate that.

Something else to note about the doors is that they can swing to the outside or inside of the cage.  If you swing them INSIDE the cage they act as a platform for your birds to stand on and look out.

The top is slightly bowed but still flat and large enough for you to set a parrot table top play stand on.  This is convenient for birds that you bring out of cage like parakeets but probably not useful for zebra finches.

Though this cage comes with perches and such.  You'll probably want to get some natural wood perches to complement them.

Best of all, many customers report that, the clear shield around the base of this zebra finch cage setup KEEPS THE MESS INSIDE THE CAGE!

This cage is suitable for small birds like budgies, canaries, lovebirds and finches.

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