Window Mounted Cat Door

If you have been looking for a high quality window mounted cat door this one fits the bill.  The cat door or flap is centered in the unit and is flanked by two windows to maximize the light let in in spite of the addition of the cat door.

Nothing flimsy about this heavy duty construction.  Owners report how amazed they are at how sturdy it is.  With the optional locks you can get adding this convenience for both you and your cats won't make your home less safe.

Customers are telling us that these window mounted cat doors are exactly what they were looking for when they started their searches.  Even if they didn't KNOW it at the time. LOL.

One fellow even tells how he was "taken aback by how well made it is".  And the 4 way lock is both simple and easy to use.  The door swings easily so your cat's won't have any problems pushing it open.

They are super easy to install.  As one lady put it "The expanding part that makes it fit your window is IDIOT PROOF".  However, we are told that some folks felt they needed a bit more foam on the top and bottom of the unit.  This is easily solved by adding a bit of weather stripping.

As you may have gathered, this pet door comes in three different sizes.  So be sure you measure your window BEFORE you buy to insure you get the right fit for your home.f

Also notice it has a 4 way lock.  This means you can lock it shut, lock it open so it swings both ways, lock it so cats can only come in and lock it so they can only go out.

This is a feature I LOVED in my cat door.  Because we camped a lot and it was awful trying to get all the cats inside before we'd leave for the weekend.  Once we installed the cat door all we had to do was set the door so the cats could come in but not get back out and head on out.  No need to worry about them being out and about while we were away.

And to top it all off it is super easy to install.  The only tools you need are a tape measure, a pair of scissors and your own hands!  See the video below to watch it being installed if you don't believe me.

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