Modern Contemporary Fish Tanks With Big Style

Do you love the look of modern contemporary fish tanks but hate the sticker shock?  If so then you are gonna love the spiffy fish product we've found for you today!  Just feast your eyes on the Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light.

This baby is 6 gallons of pure modern, contemporary beauty.  It comes in white or black and 6 or 12 gallon capacity.  Boasting close to 100 FIVE STAR reviews on Amazon this tank is a show stopper with style and value.

This tank can be fulled Right To The Top so there is no unsightly water line build up.  All the hardware and filtration is built into the pedestal style base so it doesn't obstruct your clean lines or view.  To top it all off the LED lighting is bright, bright, bright and fills the whole tank instead of being centered as with most lighting.  And because it is LED it won't heat your water or fry your plants.

NOTE:  Some customers are put off by how blinding the light can be for them when accessing your tank to feed the fish or adjust plants etc.  So be sure to turn it OFF before beginning such actions.

Small Modern Designer Fish Tanks

No discussion of modern contemporary fish tanks would be complete without mentioning the Ecoxotic EcoPico Desktop Aquarium System with LED Arm and Filter.  This little beauty is 5 full gallons of modern aquatic delight.

It has a discrete internal filter that keeps the water crystal clear and your fish happy without you having to try to hide it behind plants and such to keep the clean lines of your tank.

Customers tell us this is an excellent tank for betta fish.  So if you got one in a bowl and want to give it roomy stylish digs this is a great option.  It's big enough for your fish to be happy and small enough to sit on your desk so you can always be entertained by your little fish friend.

Other owners report that knight gobys, neon dwarf gourami thrive in this tank as long as you don't over populate.  My daughter even reports that this is an excellent tank for those cute little African Dwarf Frogs!  I think she is hinting that she wants to move them onto her computer desk.  LOL

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Spiffy Fish Tank Accessories For You...

Unless you want a "bare tank" look you're gonna need some accessories for your cool new modern fish tank.  You can never go wrong with natural accessories like drift wood and live plants.  

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