The Ultimate Guide to Modern Contemporary Fish Tanks With Big Style

Modern Contemporary Fish Tanks Are The Coolest New Trend In Home Aquariums & Aquascaping.

Modern contemporary fish tanks are super cool, aren't they?  These ultra modern looking new home aquariums are just the best thing since, well… we don't know what!  The fish tanks of today, no matter what their shape, is light years removed from its ancient counterpart.  Did you know that the Romans kept fish and were the first to place a glass panel into a marble tank so they could see them better?

We bet ancient fish keepers would have gone nuts over this beauty.  Just feast your eyes on the Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light. It is everything a modern fish tank should be.  This baby is 6 gallons of pure modern, contemporary beauty

The Fluval Edge show here is a black modern fish tank but this ultra modern aquarium comes in white and silver too.  And it has either a 6 or 12 gallon capacity as well as over 150 FIVE STAR reviews on Amazon this tank is a show stopper with style and value.

A really cool feature of this tank is it can be filled Right To The Top so there is no unsightly water line buildup.  All the hardware and filtration is built into the pedestal style base so it doesn't obstruct your clean lines or view.  To top it all off the LED lighting is bright, bright, bright and fills the whole tank instead of being centered as with most lighting.  And because it is LED it won't heat your water or fry your plants.

NOTE:  Some customers are put off by how blinding the light can be for them when accessing your tank to feed the fish or adjust plants etc.  So be sure to turn it OFF before beginning such actions.

Other modern looking fish tanks from Fluval contain the hardware and filtration in a column going up one side or the center of the back.  But the one thing they all do is give you an unobstructed view of your aquarium occupants.

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Check Out These Cool Modern Fish Tank Designs

What are the best modern fish tanks?  The one that works best in your home, of course!   Virtually all new aquariums on the market today are leak proof and have adequate filtration when used according to the manufactures specifications.  It just comes down to the design that appeals to you.  To get a feel for what your options are take a gander at these.

If you're in a rush, you can see all the best selling modern fish tanks on Amazon right here!

Modern Fish Tank, White...

Remember when all fish tanks were edged in black?  These aquariums break all the stereotypes.  Not only are they white but the are round and hide their filtration and other mechanical bits out of sight!


Black Modern Fish Tanks...

Now I know we were just talking about how all "fashioned fish tanks" used to all be black.  But let's face it, nothing says sleek and modern than things that are streamlined and BLACK.  So be sure to take a peek at these cool aquariums before you rush to judgement!


Modern Fish Tank Small But Stylish

These small 5 gallon fish tanks are all self contained little wonders. And we know that desktop fish tanks are all the rage right now.  And these will easily fit on your desk or even the kitchen counter. All we ask is that you please be mindful of the creatures that will live in this space and be sure they are small enough to thrive here. They'd be great for a few guppies, some dwarf frogs, ghost shrimp and snails.


Modern Acrylic Fish Tanks

Ok, the thing about acrylic fish tanks is that they are made from one piece so there are no seams to leak or silicone to obstruct your view.  Also, you can see your fish better in an acrylic aquarium.  Yup they are much more clear than glass, 17 times stronger and only half the weight!  They are also harder to photograph as you can tell from these sad excuses for modern fish tank pics :(


Biorb Marine Fish Tank Is Acrylic Too!

These biorb marine fish tanks take "Modern Fish Bowl" to a whole new level.  You can see in from all sides and because a sphere is the most economical of shapes you get a lot of water in the smallest possible space.  What we love most of all is they remind us of the fish bowls we all had as kids but with all the modern perks of a fully functional aquarium AND you don't see any of the "working bits" like the filter, heater and such. Check out our post all about biorb kits.



Could Anything Be Cooler Than Modern Wall Fish Tanks?

Ok, so we love the idea of a fish tank you can hang on your wall.  Who doesn't?  It's the ultimate modern fish tank ever conceived.  Seriously would you really need a TV if you had one of these babies hanging on your wall?  Though with the big ones keep in mind that it's going to be HEAVY so you'll need to follow the directions and anchor it properly.  And with the smaller bubble fish bowl type aquariums they are tiny.  Do only keep critters in them that can thrive in small spaces.

Have you ever wondered how you set up and take care of a modern wall fish tank?  We did too.  So we hunted around and found these folks who do a pretty good job of explaining how it all works in short video.  Honestly, these wall mounted aquariums really put the MODERN in modern fish tank!

These folks have all kinds of amazing and modern wall mount tanks.  Including "Clock Fish Tanks" that really tell time!


Small Modern Designer Fish Tanks

No discussion of modern contemporary fish tanks would be complete without mentioning the Ecoxotic EcoPico Desktop Aquarium System with LED Arm and Filter.  This little beauty is 5 full gallons of modern aquatic delight.

It has a discrete internal filter that keeps the water crystal clear and your fish happy without you having to try to hide it behind plants and such to keep the clean lines of your tank.

Customers tell us this is an excellent tank for betta fish.  So if you got one in a bowl and want to give it roomy stylish digs this is a great option.  It's big enough for your fish to be happy and small enough to sit on your desk so you can always be entertained by your little fish friend.

Other owners report that knight gobys, neon dwarf gourami thrive in this tank as long as you don't over populate.  My daughter even reports that this is an excellent tank for those cute little African Dwarf Frogs!  I think she is hinting that she wants to move them onto her computer desk.  LOL


Modern Fish Tanks For Sale…


Personally we buy most EVERYTHING from Amazon because we like that they'll bring what we need right to our door.  We don't have to travel to stores, fight crowds or lug anything home.  And when you have an Amazon Prime membership you buy what you want, when you want it and always get 2 day shipping for free!

The FREE SHIPPING you'll get on just about any of the modern fish tanks means you can take advantage of the consistently low prices whether you're in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia… where ever!


If you're looking for a used or refurbished modern fish tank then ebay may be your best bet.   Obviously, when dealing with used equipment be sure you see LOTS of modern fish tank images before you buy because frankly a pic speaks much louder than words in this instance.

That being said, today I was looking at the new modern fish tank kits ebay had listed and I found them much cheaper here: (check current price).

Looking For A Specific Kind Of Modern Fish Tank? 


Modern Betta Fish Tanks

Check out these modern betta fish tanks.  They are not your ordinary betta fish glass bowl, not by a long shot!  You will notice that the smallest of these "betta tanks" is ONE FULL GALLON.  That's because contrary to popular belief it is cruel to keep a fish in a tiny cup.  Can they survive if NEED BE in a tiny puddle?  Yes.  But they are not meant to live their lives in such spaces.  Think about it for a second.  Would could survive in your closet but would you want to live there?  Please, Please, Please give your fish (no matter the species) the space they need to thrive!


What About A Modern Round Fish Tank?

Round Modern Tropical Fish Tanks

Believe it or not this Biorb Halo is a 16 gallon modern round fish tank.  That's plenty big enough for quite a few fish.  Back in the day we had a little 10 gallon fish tank set up as an "Amazon Bain" theme tank.  With careful management we had quite a lot of fish thriving in that little tank.  Imagine how much fun we could have had with this cool tank!  As I'm writing, this tank is on SALE at a steep discount.  See if it's still on SALE here!


Modern Cold Water Fish Tanks

Cold water fish are less "picky" about their living conditions than tropical or especially marine or saltwater fish.  But that doesn't mean you can't give them a fancy ultra modern fish tank to live in dos it?  These round modern fish tanks are too cool for school (get it... a school of fish?  Ok, so my puns suck lol).  Back to business... today, round fish tanks come in all sizes from tiny (too small for anything really) to HUGE 28 gallon round aquariums with all the bells and whistles like the one pictured above.


Modern Fish Tank Coffee Table

Having a modern fish tank coffee table in the middle of your living room is really the most outrageous and cool statement you can make with your home decor.  It ranks right up there with a floor to ceiling cat tree that looks like a real tree!  However, we think coffee or side table aquarium is arguably more fun for humans and can be very cool for cats too.  These aquariums sell out fast so check here for availability.


See A Modern Contemporary Fish Tank In Action...


Affordable Modern Fish Tanks

Let's talk about price for a minute.  "Cheap modern tropical fish tanks" may not be the thing you want to focus on.  Affordable aquariums and equipment, yes!  Everyone wants to get a great deal.  
But especially if you are looking for an ultra modern home aquarium, you want tank that both LOOKS RIGHT and FUNCTIONS properly or you'll end up with dead fish!


Modern Fish Tank Setup

As we're sure you know, a lot more goes into having the best modern fish tank on your block than just the aquarium itself.


Modern Fish Tank Accessories

Click here to see all the spiffy fish tank accessories you could ever want!


Modern Fish Tank Decor

Click here for a great selection of modern fish tank decor items!


Modern Fish Tank Backgrounds

Click here to see the full selection of fish tank backgrounds!


Modern Fish Tank Ornaments

Click here to see the best deals on modern fish tank ornaments!


Modern Fish Tank Stands And Cabinets

Unless you are buying a small modern desktop aquarium you  probably don't want to set your cool new modern fish tank on the floor.  So you'll need to pick out an aquarium stand to go with it.


Modern Metal Tank Stands

If you are going for a minimalist ultra modern fish tank look you are probably going to want a metal tank stand.  These are super sleek, sturdy and have virtually no maintenance or durability issues.  Heck, we've had our wrought iron fish tank stand for over 40 years and it's still going strong!  Check all the current deals on modern metal tank stands here.


Modern Wood Aquarium Cabinet Stands
A bonus when you buy an aquarium cabinet rather than a plain stand is all the HIDDEN storage you get underneath your tank.  Because, let's face it, keeping fish comes with a lot of clutter.  The under tank storage that comes with a fish tank cabinet really comes in handy.


Check Out This Modern Fish Tanks WITH Stand Included!


DIY Modern Fish Tank Stand

Of course, it is possible to make your own modern aquarium stand.  By doing that, obviously, you'll get exactly the look you are after.  However, we don't recommend you go about this without advice from a professional.  
Seriously folks, water is way heavier than you think.  As DIY projects go, this is one you MUST GET RIGHT because if it fails it's going to be a colossal disaster!  Let these folks help you build your fish tank stand.  They KNOW Woodworking inside and out! 

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As you can see "standard" aquariums come in all kinds of shapes and sizes these days.  That makes it pretty easy to get the look you want without having to resort to having one custom built for you.  Now we like "Tanked" as much as the next guy but who has that kind of money?  We're willing to bet with a little creativity you can get that custom look with one of these ultra-modern contemporary fish tanks at a fraction of the cost!

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