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Why a large indoor rabbit hutch? Because here at Spiffy Pet Products, we believe that your pets are family and family stays inside. Right?  So you're going to want the best possible home environment for your pet rabbit and the rest of your family and that means everyone, including your new bunny, gets the space they need to feel safe and secure.

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✅ This specific large indoor rabbit hutch is the most popular with our readers.

Something you need to remember is your adorable rabbit is actually a prey species and his instincts are always telling him to stay on high alert and hide when danger threatens.  So even if you plan to let your bunny have the "run of the house" you'll want to give him (or her) a place that is only his to retreat to when he's feeling threatened or overwhelmed.

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Large Indoor Rabbit Hutch
Indoor Rabbit Cage With Run
Upcycled Indoor Rabbit Hutch Furniture
Indoor Rabbit Cage Setup Using a Dog Crate
Turn a Cabinet Into An Indoor Rabbit Hutch
Make A Large Indoor Rabbit Cage From Storage Crates
Indoor Rabbit Hutch Ideas With Runs or Playpens

Large Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Check out this super spiffy large indoor rabbit hutch!  Have you ever seen anything like this?  Ok, so maybe I don't get out much to be so excited about a rabbit house.  But when I was a kid and we had pet rabbits on the farm there was nothing like this available for us to keep our bunnies safe and sound in.

==>> Here's How To Build Your Own Indoor Bunny Hutch!<<==

This amazing piece of rabbit furniture can be used inside
or outside with equal ease.  And when you take a peek at the interior you'll see this baby it's got STAIRS!  Yup, a little bunny ramp and staircase leading up to the second floor.  How cool is that?

And do you see how it opens up for access to your rabbits and for cleaning?  There's no place grime can hide from you in this rabbit house!

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This is the Cadillac of rabbit hutch indoor spaces folks!  It's got a hinged roof that can be locked.  The ramp has no-slip material on it so your bunny gets good traction and won't hurt itself.

The floors feature pull out plastic trays for easy cleaning.  You can even turn it into two separate rabbit houses at will by closing the interior hatch which separates the upstairs from the downstairs area.

To top it all off if you're handy I'm betting you could easily put castors on this making it into an Indoor Rabbit Cage On Wheels!  But don't get too excited.  The wheels don't come with it.  Just sayin.

For those of you who are really handy and want to build your own rabbit hutch you should check out Teds Woodworking Plans right here.  (Gotta warn you it's one of those sites that are gonna play a little video for you which drives me nuts BUT it's worth it because this is hands down the best value  available online or off for building things like rabbit houses.)

Indoor Rabbit Cage With Run

♥ Pet Rabbit Ideas ♥  Our solution for the perfect indoor rabbit hutches!  I used sticky linoleum tiles on a cardboard base for under the hutches and faux wood 'rolling chair mats' for the runs.:

First off, we love how this rabbit hutch setup looks.  It's pretty as well as functional and the folks who set up this lovely home for their bunnies didn't have to reinvent the wheel because they started with a store bought hutch then simply modified it to suit their needs.

For example, notice the covered sheet of cardboard with peel-and-stick floor tiles that they have placed that underneath the hutch itself.  Brilliant way to protect your carpet.  And it's easily replaced if it gets gross, they change up their indoor rabbit hutch setup.

Next, then got faux wood rolling chair mats for out in the rabbit run area.  This makes for easy cleaning of the whole setup. Brilliant!

We found rabbit hutches on Amazon that look just like the ones used above. They have great reviews and each one is on sale as I write this. Click the image to learn all the particulars about that rabbit house and find out if it's still on sale. Or click right here to see a large selection of indoor and outdoor rabbit hutches.


DIY Rabbit Cage Ideas For Your Adopted Pet Rabbit

Now we know that price can be an issue when you're looking for a large indoor rabbit hutch for your newly adopted bunny (you did adopt your precious bun, didn't you?).  With that in mind, perhaps building a rabbit cage will get you more of what you want for less.  If that's the case, keep scrolling because we've got some spiffy DIY rabbit cage ideas for you.

Adopt Don't Shop!
So many rabbits end up in shelters because people buy them on impulse or without realizing they are require a full time commitment and live 4-8 years!  PLEASE, Give a bunny who needs your love a home.

Upcycled Indoor Rabbit Hutch Furniture

♥ Pet Rabbit Ideas ♥  DIY Rabbit Hutches From Upcycled Furniture:

Truly elegant this upcycled china cabinet makes for a striking and large indoor rabbit hutch.  We have seen these made with fold down ramps on the side so your bunnies can come and go as they please when they are having "out and about" time.  We think being able to retreat to their "safe spot" is very important to the health and well being of your rabbits.  So if you opt to make a rabbit hutch like this one we recommend you include some way for your bunnies to come and go without you needing to do it by hand.


Indoor Rabbit Cage Setup Using a Dog Crate

♥ Pet Rabbit Ideas ♥  Indoor rabbit hutch made from a dog crate w/ cupcake fleece flooring.:

Another thing we've seen a lot of people doing is turning a dog crate into a rabbit hutch.  This is a fairly inexpensive option but will need a bit of modification.  For example you'll still need to "decorate" your crate or cage with all the bunny essentials like a soft floor (fleece is a popular and very washable option here), a bunny bed, feeding station, water bottle and litter box.  And because most rabbits are rather short compared to the Great Dane the crate is designed for there's plenty of room to add a second story for your bunny if you choose.


Turn a Cabinet Into An Indoor Rabbit Hutch

♥ Pet Rabbit Ideas ♥  Turn old furniture into a rabbit hutch. DIY pet project. Upcycling. Recycling.:

We love how this old credenza has been upcycled into a lovely rabbit hutch.  The length of this item is ideal because you want your rabbit to be able to at least take three hops inside his sleeping cage.  Another nice feature is how low this bit of rabbit furniture is to the ground.  When opened it's easy for your bunny to get in and out on his own.


Make A Large Indoor Rabbit Cage From Storage Crates

♥ Pet Rabbit Ideas ♥  Large indoor rabbit hutch ideas.  DIY rabbit cage made from storage cubes.:

If you are wanting to make a large indoor rabbit hutch where the sky is literally the limit you should consider making it from storage cubes.  Modular wire storage cubes are inexpensive and easy to turn into an amazing cage for your pet rabbit.  You'll need at least one set of storage cubes, zip ties and a pair or wire cutters (for cutting the ties) and wood for flooring (ask at your local hardware store they will usually make the cuts for you for a small fee).  We recommend getting ties that match the color of your cubes.  And don't forget you can add onto your rabbit hutch easily just by getting more cubes.


Indoor Rabbit Hutch Ideas With Runs or Playpens

♥ Pet Rabbit Ideas ♥  Check out our indoor rabbit hutch. When these bunnies are not sprinting about the house, they sleep here.:

We hesitated on including the following rabbit cage options because they are NOT a large enough on their own for a rabbit to live in and stay healthy no matter what the manufacture says on the box!

But a plastic rabbit hutch like this fine when combined with a play pen where your rabbit can come and go at will becomes a really large indoor rabbit "hutch".  Just take a look at the one in the picture above.  When combined with a play pen isn't that a nice safe place for your bunny to hang out while you are at school or work?

Just keep in mind, an "extra large rabbit cage" like the ones here,  you MUST have the rabbit run or play too.  Without it, keeping a rabbit in a small cage like this would be cruel.

We have also seen folks use bunny cages like this as a "home" for their pet rabbit when they have full run of a bedroom or den turned into a "rabbit room" or the whole house, for that matter.  It makes for a convenient place to keep your rabbit food, water and a litter box in such a situation.


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Pet rabbits are sweet adorable, fantastic, loving and yes, spiffy pets!  They are delightful living creatures who feel emotions just like we do.  Their lives matter to them every bit as much as your life matters to you.  So please, do not think of them as "starter pets" your kids can just stuff into a cage and forget.  That would be cruel indeed.

Our hope is you have been inspired by these large indoor rabbit hutch ideas and will sally forth straight away and set up the most amazingly spiffy home for your pet rabbit that anyone ever saw.  When you do, drop us a line and let us share your creation with the world!

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More Large Indoor Rabbit Hutch Ideas For You...

Indoor Rabbit Cage Accessories...

Don't forget to do-up your rabbits house in style!  A nice roomy cage is one thing but if you don't have the stuff to go with it it's not a "home" and your rabbit won't feel comfy and secure.  Ok, so some of these accessories are more to make your life easier than to make your rabbit feel good.  But if it's easier for you to keep his home clean won't that make it a happier place for him?

When Your Whole House Is A Large Indoor Rabbit Hutch!

And last but not least I hope you enjoy this video on how cool it is to have rabbits living indoors with you.  But you'll notice that even rabbits that have the run of the house need a safe hutch or house to be in at night and when you can't be watching them.

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