Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat

The Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat looks like a space pod for your little critters!  I mean seriously, look at this thing.  Wouldn't you have just gone nuts to have had something this cool for your hamsters when you were growing up?

Not only is it too cool for school, it's incredibly practical too.  Because it's a modular unit you can start small and add on as you go.  So there's no need to break the bank getting it all set up.

The dwarf hamster tubes, called "Habitrail mini's" connect to all Habitrail items so you are not stuck starting over if you already have some kind of Habitrail or end up getting larger hamsters later on.

Or if you have hamster babies like so often happens...
The habitrail OVO dwarf hamster habitat is also great for if you find yourself having hamster babies.  There are plenty of nooks and crannies for the mamma hamster to make herself a nest.

She'll have privacy and you'll still be able to see the babies.  Just remember not to tap on the habitat or disturb your little mamma.  You don't want her to be too afraid to take proper care of her babies.

The modular nature of this hamster habitat make's it really good at keeping your boy and girl hamsters separated if you DON'T want babies, too.  Just be sure to move them to different parts and disconnect the tubes.

Because each piece snaps off it is easy to clean bit by bit as needed with one BIG cleaning once a month.  This also makes it simple to rearrange your pets home or add onto it when the mood strikes.

Some folks have been very vocal about the "small size" of the little "pods" that stick off the side of the main play areas thinking they are too small a space.  The truth is that they are made to mimic the size of a den a hamster would dig in the wild.

So, even if that little cubby looks small to you, your hamster will find it cozy IF he has plenty of other places to go and stretch his legs.

And he or she'll have plenty of room to do that with all the other tubes, cubbys and large rec-areas that come with the Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat kit.

Let's talk about the water bottle for a moment.  It LOOKS super cool but some folks are saying that it leaks.  Which, would really suck.  But what we've found is that it only leaks IF YOU DON'T FILL IT PROPERLY!

What you have to do with this water bottle (and honestly most rodent water bottles) is fill it to the brim!  Yes, fill it all the way up even though you plan to change it daily!

Fill the water bottle to the top.  Put on it's cap.  Turn it over and give it three good shakes.  This will shake out about half an inch of water and form a vacuum.  Voila!  No leaks!

Cat proof, dog proof and escape proof, the Habitrail OVO Dwarf hamster Habitat gets our spiffy seal of approval  today.  But you don't have to take our word for it.  Just watch what this happy owner has to say about it...

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