Betta Fish Glass Bowl

Here's a super spiffy betta fish glass bowl for ya'll.  It's got a globe shaped bowl supported by three seahorses.  The base is made of durable cast resin and has a hidden on/off switch for a colorful led "underglow" light display.  We have never seen a fishbowl quite like this one before different making it a truly unique conversation piece for your home.

The bowl holds a full gallon of water so your betta fish should be just fine in there as long as you take care of him properly with regular water changes and such.  But I wouldn't recommend any other type of fish be placed in this bowl.  Most fish need LOTS more space than the betta fish, otherwise known as the Siamese Fighting Fish, who in the wild they carve out a small territory among the roots of mangrove swamps and rise paddies.

This betta fish bowl comes with glass "gobs" or pebbles to place in the bottom.  Customers report that the fish food can easily fall down among them and become unreachable by your fish.  This will foul your water faster than you might like.  Some customers are substituting a handful of regular fish gravel or sand instead of the gobs.  So if you want to stretch out time between bowl cleanings you may want to consider this.

Wanna see some modern betta fish tanks?  Head on over to our other post here where you can see all the fancy new bells'n whistles to keep your betta fish healthy and happy.

Now anyone who's ever had a betta fish knows they have a tendency to jump out of their bowls,  This bowl isn't really all that shallow and the top does curve in but you will still want to keep an eye on this.  Another worry is the obsession our feline friends have with drinking fish water!

A simple fix for both these issues would be to cut a piece of screen or clear plastic canvas in a circle to place on top of your betta bowl and POOF!  No jumping and no cat's drinking the fish water.  You could even add some decorative bead "tassels" to hang down and help hold it in place.  They'd be decorative and functional.

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