Parrot Table Top Play Stand

This parrot table top play stand gets our "Spiffy" seal of approval because it hits all the marks pet bird owners are looking for in a play gym for their feathered friends.

At almost 2 feet square and 18 inches tall, it is large enough for any bird up to a medium sized parrot to have a good time on.  That large stable base will keep it from tipping when your parrot starts showing off.  The base is also large enough to catch the worst of the mess your pet bird makes when out and about playing.

Something I like especially is the lip around the edge of the wood base making it a shallow box.  This will allow you to easily line it with the absorbent material of your choice.

The play gym itself is made from a single solid piece of java wood.  The limb is selected and trimed to insure there is plenty of room for your parrot to stretch and flap her wings.

And as those of us owned by a pet bird will tell you... this stuff is HARD!  Very important when powerful beaks are at play.

Customers are telling us that table top play stand is big enough for small to medium sized parrots.  For example one woman's Goffins cockatoo hops and climbs all over it.

Another owner says she loves it for her Eclectus.  He can easily move around on the branches and the food cups are easy to fill as well as clean.
Something she particularly likes is how sturdy yet portable it is as she likes to move her bird from room to room with her throughout the day.

Another good thing about play areas and perches made from real limbs instead of dowels is the texture of them and how they vary in size from spot to spot.

This gives your birds feet a workout and helps avoid any sore spots or "bumble foot" that can be caused by stress from your bird constantly standing in his cage on one size perch.

Java wood is also easy to clean IF you clean it while the mess is fresh.

Wipe it down after each play session and you're good to go.  If you own a pet bird, you KNOW what happens if you let that stuff dry!

This parrot table top play stand comes in a large size too.  It is shown above.

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