Leather Dog Collars With Bling

Are you looking for leather dog collars with bling for your little darlings?  If so we'd like to call these little beauties to your attention.  Not only do they sparkle like a million bucks they come in an assortment of colors to compliment any pups coat.

In addition to the ever popular pink, they come in blue, red and black.  Covered in blingtastic rhinestones they show the world just how pampered and important your pooch really is.

Fashion aside these dog collars feature a buckle closure so there is no worry that it will loosen itself and slip off the way adjustable dog collars can.
I don't know about you but I am sick to death of my Bobo Dog's collar loosening up all the time.  It worries us so much we have to check before every walk.

Please note that on a few of these BLINGTASTIC collars the rhinestones are pretty much flush with the leather.  Now maybe your saying to yourself "Shelly, who cares about that?" and I would totally understand if you are.

But!  If your dog is like our Bodacious and loves to flop and rub on you (face included especially in bed) then you'll appreciate being able to give them the rhinestone encrusted collar they deserve without risking getting your face torn off when they love on you!

Anyhoo... we hope you enjoy this selection of leather dog collars with bling... (some are faux leather for you vegans to enjoy).
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We hope you like these leather dog collars with bling as much as we do!

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