Hanging Parakeet Bird Cages

Hanging parakeet bird cages are iconic and so pretty.  Today's hanging cages (like the one pictured here) marry the old world charm of yesteryear with the modern features you've come to expect in bird pet products.

They bring the birds up to eye level for easy interaction so you can develop that all important bond with your birdie.  Birds enjoy interaction with you and the family.  They want to see what's going on from a safe, secure vantage point.

My first bird was a parakeet or budgie and I had a hanging cage for him.   We thought about getting a stand for it but, in the end, decided to suspend his cage from the ceiling using a plant hook.

Now, if this is your first bird, be warned there is no way to keep all the seed shells and tiny feathers in the cage.  As with all pets there IS some mess involved.  So be sure to hang or place your bird cage in a spot that will be easy to clean.

Deciding to hang our cage from the ceiling in a room with no carpet made cleaning up what our parakeet shook out of the cage a breeze.  I just swept it all up once a day.  
I'll tell you this.  I sure wish they had swiffer sweepers back then.  It sure would have been nice to have something to use that those little downy feathers would stick to instead of being poofed ahead of LOL!

Ok, enough reminiscing about my parakeet and more info for yours.  Be sure you get a cage that is big enough for a pair of parakeets or other small birds.  (Like the Prevue Hendryx-Elegant Scrollwork Bird Cage pictured to the right and above)  Because small birds are social creatures and they do best in pairs or small flocks.

Customers are telling us that the cage is much bigger than they thought it would be based on the online images and how happy their birds are in their new roomy digs.

And they telling us that with the bigger size cage they are having less mess on the floor to sweep up.  Always a bonus in our book!

And as you can see the beautiful scroll work can easily be embellished.  Just remember your bird will be pecking at and playing with anything you place onto it's cage.

Keep in mind that whether you are shopping for a new home for a pair of parakeets (budgies to those of you from across the pond), finches, canaries, love birds or parrotlet's SIZE MATTERS!  Get them the biggest cage you can.

More space means less stress on your birds.  Which will make them a happier longer lived pets for your family to enjoy.  

And here's a pro tip for you... When assembling your hanging parakeet bird cages be sure to slip a washer between the bolt and the bottom of the bird cage roof.  This will insure it does not fall.

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