Extra Large Cat Scratching Post

This extra large cat scratching post will make a difference in you and your cats lives.  A strong statement, I know.  But if you don't provide your kitties with something they will FIND something to scratch.  Like your sofa, laundry hamper or drapes!

It's not their fault.  Cats NEED to scratch to shed their claws properly and to keep them clean.  Now you can staple a bit of carpet to the wall and call it a cat scratcher (yes, that really happens) OR you can get yourself a something stylish and functional like what you see above.

Both work...
Yes, this really happened!
But I'll let you be the judge of which you'd rather have on display in your home the mess to the right or the lovely extra large cat scratching post above?

One customer, Johnny Robish, says that this cat scratching post really is EXTRA LARGE and that it only takes about a minute to assemble.  He also tells folks that it's so solidly constructed that his 20+ pound Ragdoll cat hasn't been able to knock it over even though he tries LOL.

Another customer was confused when the package arrived.  She couldn't think of anything she'd purchased recently that would be coming in a box THAT BIG!

She went on to tell us it took her less than 2 minutes to put together.  There are two dowels, you see, and they get inserted into pre-drilled holes that connect the two parts of the base.  The last bit is screwing in two screws and you're done!

Rub a bit of catnip onto it then stand back and wait for the fun to begin!

Ok, so this scratching post is 32 inches tall which is tall enough for any cat to really reach up and SCRATCH/STRETCH like we all know they love to do.  Unlike most sisal cat scratching posts this one is covered in a sisal fabric instead of being wound with rope.  Which, if you've ever had one you know can easily come unwound once your cats really start USING it.

The base is 16 inches by 16 inches making it quite study and as Agatha tells us above, it is easy to put together needing only the two included screws and a screw driver.  It's so sturdy and you can even get an optional perch for it making it something of a short cat tree.

A good thing because we all know how cats love to sit up high!  So why not let your extra large cat scratching post do double duty?

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