Extra Large Bird Cage Setup Ideas

This extra large bird cage is indeed one of the largest on the market.  Made for your pet macaw by one of the leaders in the pet cage industry, Prevue Pet Products.  They've been making quality products since 1869 and are a name many pet bird owners and breeders trust.

This "Empire Macaw Cage 3157" comes exclusively in the Black Hammertone finish.  Easy to assemble but it is an EXTRA LARGE BIRD CAGE so measure your space carefully.  Some owners have complained they need to take it apart to get it outside for cleaning.

Here's what Chad has to say about it...

"It only took me 25 minutes put together this cage! Yes 25 minutes TOTAL. That includes unpacking it. The instructions were very easy to understand but it's really self explanatory if you are familiar with bird cages at all. I am 110% happy with this cage. If you have any concerns about whether or not you should get this cage it shouldn't be about it's quality but rather it's size.  Measure your spot carefully because it really is HUGE! Birdy heaven!"

Here's how big it it is...  46 inches long, 36 inches wide, 78.25 inches tall.  The wire spacing is almost 1.5 inches so it is not suitable for small birds at all.  But macaws of all colors will love it.

Note... Though this cage is pictured with a Cockatoo we don't feel its locks and bolts are "Cockatoo Proof"  Those of you who are owned by a "Too" will know what I mean by that.  Standard extra precautions to keep the main and dish doors closed, locked and secure will be needed.

I've included closeups of some of these details to better help you decide if this is the right home for your feather babies!  You can buy this extra large bird cage right here!

Here's the main door lock.  As you can see it is sufficient to baffle most macaws but wouldn't take a "Too" long to get open.

The same goes for... The reinforcement tab/lock at the top of the door and the cage bottom.  Great for just about any large bird except a cockatoo.

Learn more about this extra large bird cage, including its current price, right here.

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