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If you are wanting to keep an African Dwarf Frog or two PLEASE DO NOT BUY THE KITS you see marketed for them.  They are way to tiny for any living thing to thrive in, much less an adorably energetic and goofy dwarf frog.  It appalls us to see how unscrupulous people will try to make a fast buck selling you junk that is not only way over priced but will kill your new pets!

Your adorkable African dwarf frogs need at least one gallon of water EACH (2.5 gallons each is better)! So don't let anyone sell you anything smaller than a milk jug for them to live in.  And that milk jug size tank is only big enough if you are planning to keep only one frog.  If you want three frogs, you need at least a 3 gallon tank.  Knowing this one secret will catapult you to the top of the frog keepers class.

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African Dwarf Frog Aquarium Kit

Spiffy Pet Stuff... DIY African Dwarf Frog Tank Setup & Care Tips

Did you know that for the same price as those trashy kits marketed for dwarf frogs you can get a lovely starter aquarium kit for your first African dwarf frog tank setup?  Yep, you can get them a roomy three to five gallon tank kit that will allow your new little aquatic buddies to be happy and thrive! 

And guess what?  Because in a roomy modern tank you'll have good filtration and plenty of room you'll be able to get your little frog a few friends to keep him company.  By adding a snail, a ghost shrimp or a few guppies your dwarf frog tank will be much more dynamic and fun for you to watch too!

==>>There are some really cute and inexpensive ones on Amazon right here!<<==

Once you get your African dwarf frog tank setup, don't forget to keep the water fresh and clean by doing partial water changes every week.  And never put water straight from the tap into your tank.  It'll be too cold and have chlorine in it that can kill your frogs and fish.  To get rid of the chlorine, either let the water sit open to the air overnight so it can evaporate or get some of this stuff to put into the water to neutralize it.


Artificial African Dwarf Frog Plants?

Spiffy Pet Stuff... DIY African Dwarf Frog Tank Setup & Care Tips

Not all decorations for your frog tank are created equal, it's true.  But they don't all have to be really expensive either.  In fact, your frog won't care if they are live plants or artificial ones.  They only want to have someplace to hide and play peek-a-boo with you.  So, artificial aquarium plants can work just as well as live ones to give your dwarf frogs the cover they need to feel safe and at home in their new tank.

Your frog will spend a lot of time hanging out at the bottom of his tank "hiding" under the cool plants and other decorations you give him.  These plants make him feel safe and secure in his home.  You'll enjoy watching all the wacky ways your frog will hang onto them.  They really are funny little fellows.


African Dwarf Frog Live Plants

Spiffy Pet Stuff... DIY African Dwarf Frog Tank Setup & Care Tips

Now let's consider live plants for your African dwarf frog tank setup.  While, as we've already told you, there's noting wrong with using artificial plants in your frogs home.  Live plants do have a few benefits we feel you may want to know about...
  • They add oxygen to the water in your frogs home.  
  • They also help keep the water clean because they use your frogs waste for food. 
  • They are fun to grow.
  • Your frog will enjoy nibbling on them.
  • They are just plain pretty! 
You should also know that it's just fine to have both live and artificial plants in the same tank.  It won't hurt a thing.  What we often to is have tall artificial or silk aquatic plants along the back of our frog tank and some moss balls or other short plants up front.


African Dwarf Frog Facts

Spiffy Pet Stuff... DIY African Dwarf Frog Tank Setup & Care Tips

As a rule when you get your African dwarf frog he'll be a little baby.  Yup, the ones you see in pet stores are usually quite young and will grow larger in your tank setup with the proper care.  "How big will my frog get?"  Good question.  Most adult African dwarf frogs (like the one in the picture above) are between 2 and 2.5 inches long from snout to tail.  That's about the size of your mom's thumb, so you know.  Knowing that one thing helps you to see why you need a tank that's bigger than a water glass for them, right?

As they grow your frogs are going to shed their skin often.  It's fun to watch them crawl out of it.  You can see one doing just that at about the 6 minute mark in the video right here.  

Here's an important fact for you.  Dwarf African Frogs have webbed feet.  If they don't you are probably looking at a Clawed Frog which gets MUCH bigger and has very different tank setup requirements.

  • Have webbed feet
  • Are 2-2.5 inches long as adults
  • Need at least 1 gallon of water per frog
  • Do NOT regenerate limbs when lost
  • Breath air as well as getting it thru their skin
  • ARE TOTALLY AQUATIC (do not take them out of their tanks. EVER!!)
  • Need water temperature to be in the mid to high 70's
  • Can be kept with most friendly community fish
  • Eat from the BOTTOM of the tank
  • Find their food by smell not sight


African Dwarf Frog Care

Spiffy Pet Stuff... DIY African Dwarf Frog Tank Setup & Care Tips

Getting your African dwarf frog tank setup right is half the battle to having happy, healthy frogs for years to come.  Personally, we feel that the larger the tank... the better!  Think about this for a moment.  What if you could never leave your bedroom.  Could you survive?  Yes, you could stay alive but you wouldn't be very happy.  And after the dirty laundry and trash piled up you'd probably start getting sick.  That's how it is for your dwarf frogs if you don't give them enough room to move around.

The "average" lifespan of one of these little frogs is around 5 years BUT if you learn to take proper care of them they can live for up to 20 years!!!  This tells me that most folks don't know what they are doing if their frogs are living only 5 years.  Don't be like them.  Learn how to properly take care of your frogs and give them a LONG and happy life.


African Dwarf Frog Food... Dinner Time!

Some of my 6 African Dwarf Frogs eating blood worms.

Your African Dwarf Frogs don't see well so they hunt using their sense of smell.  You'll enjoy watching their antics as they eat.  You can drop a pile of blood worms (seen above) right on top of them and they will hold perfectly still, staring at it for quite a while before BAM gobbling up a mouthful. 

You're going to want to get an assortment of foods to keep your frogs happy and healthy.  They only eat food sitting on the bottom of the tank so don't let some uninformed pet store person tell you they can just eat fish flakes or some other kind of floating food.  What you are going to want to get are frozen foods mostly...

  • Bloodworms
  • Brine Shrimp
  • Black Worms
  • Tubifex Worms
Now if you are feeding the freeze dried tubifex worms to your dwarf frogs we recommend you do it the way the young man in this video does.  It's BRILLIANT!  He skewers the worm block onto what looks like a chop stick and wiggles the food in front of his frogs nose, watch...

Doesn't that look like fun?  Though we're not sure we'd want to have to do it twice a day every day but it's a good way to shake up your pet frog's diet.  We recommend a varied diet but one that's heavy on live, fresh (chopped up raw meat) or frozen worms.   If you want to see froggies eating some worms check out this video.  It's about 12 minutes of frog fun.  You can see them eat at about the 5 minute mark.


What's The Best African Dwarf Frog Tank Setup For Beginners?

Spiffy Pet Stuff... DIY African Dwarf Frog Tank Setup & Care Tips

We think a 5 gallon aquarium makes a really spiffy dwarf frog tank setup.  It's large enough for up to 5 African Dwarf Frogs if you are setting up a species tank (though we really recommend you only put 2-3 in here).  Or you could have one or two frogs and a few other well chosen tank mates.

If this is for your kids new froggies don't worry, it's made of shatter proof acrylic.  So  it's sturdy enough to take a little rough handling.  Though, acrylic tanks do scratch a little easier than glass ones do.  Not a big deal but it is something to keep in mind when choosing the right tank setup for your situation.

Something we like about this Koller-Craft Aq15005 Aquarius Aquarium Kit is that it comes with a full hood to keep your African Dwarf Frogs from accidentally leaping to their doom.

The hood has multiple lighting options and it comes with an API Superclean 10 internal power filter that is quiet and not too strong for your little froggies.

Inexpensive, good size, everything you need to get started and it comes with FREE Shipping!

Bottom line... if you are looking for an African Dwarf Frog Tank Setup or a small aquarium for any other aquatic friends but don't want to break the bank, this is a great value.  See it for yourself.

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