Cat Tree For Declawed Cat

This is a really spiffy cat tree for declawed cats.  All it's levels are easily accessible by jumping rather than "climbing".  With a little hop, your kitty will be lounging on the top platform thinking he or she is the ruler of the world!

This cat tree stands out because it is tall enough without being so big it'll take over your room.  It's sturdy and easy to assemble.

One customer told us that she has 3 cats.  One weighs six pounds, one ten pounds and the last one is sixteen pounds!   All three of them love this cat tree so much that they spend most of their time playing or sleeping on it.  All at the same time!!!

So as you can see this cat tree is stable, easy to assemble and has lots of places for your kitty to explore.  What cat can resist curling up in a cubby or hammock?  A favorite spot, as you can see in the image below is what we call the "kitty bowl".

So you know.  Spiffy Pet Products in no way, shape or form advocates the declawing of cats.  Much the opposite.  We agree with the Humane Society of America on this one.

  However, declawed cats sometimes come into our lives.  My parents took in a tom who had been dropped off in our neighborhood.  The poor fellow has no front claws.  That was about 12 years ago and I'm happy to report that Taco (my then 3 year old daughter named him) is hale and hearty to this day.

If you have such a cat in your life I encourage you to give him the same climbing pleasures his unmaimed brothers and sisters enjoy.  You can get this cat tree for a declawed cat right here.

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