Biorb Aquarium Kit With Light Fixture

Here we have a 16 gallon Biorbaquarium kit with light fixture and I have to say I am blown away by this 21st century "fish bowl"!  It gives you the 360 degree viewing you love a fish bowl for and the filtration you desire from an aquarium.  Let's face it, it just looks too cool.

But it took some convincing to get me loving it.

Folks who know me can tell you that I trend on the thrifty side of life.  And my first thought when I saw the
BiOrb's price tag was "Get real. I can get a fish bowl at the dime store for less than $20!"

However, it soon became apparent that this is NOT your average dime store fish bowl!  Nope, far from it, this is a real modern fish tank in disguise!  The BiOrb is fish bowl shaped aquarium that comes in sizes from 4 gallons to 16 gallons as pictured above.

Just so you know, a 16 gallon tank weighs about 132 pounds when set up.  So, we are even talking about an aquarium sized fish bowl too!

Now I don't know about you, but one of the things I like the least about keeping fish is cleaning the tank.  I start out great but a few months down the line....

Well, I'll let your imagination figure that one out.  So once I heard what a friend of mine had to say about the BiOrb he received as a gift I knew this would be a great thing for lots of fish lovers like me.

Now this fellow I know is an experienced fish keeper and he raved on and on and on about how easy the Biorb was to maintain after you got it set up (which he swears isn't hard either) as he puts it... "All the joy of having a fishtank with shockingly little work"

So if you love the modern look of a globe aquarium fish tank and you really don't love cleaning your aquarium I think you'll find the BiOrb aquarium kit with light fixture to be just what the doctor ordered.

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