Betta Fish Tank Setup Ideas That Make A Statement!

Betta Fish Tank Setup Ideas For Your Pet Fish That Make A Statement And Adds To Your Home Decor!

You are just gonna love these spiffy betta fish tank setup ideas!  We did our best to find examples and great betta fish decorating ideas for pet fish enthusiasts of all persuasions.  So if you're a lover of aquariums aquascaped to the Nth degree, modern minimalist fish tanks tricked out with only the bare essentials or somewhere in between you're going to want to peek down below.

Gone are the days of the tiny "betta bowls" and good riddance.  Those are NOT HEALTHY FOR YOUR FISH!  Therefore you will not find any of those ridiculously small containers (we won't glorify them by calling them tanks) here.  And we urge you to run away from any aquarium smaller than one gallon as fast as you can.  Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's look at some betta fish tank setup ideas!

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Bird Room Ideas Are Addictive... You Have Been Warned!

Paradise for your parrots, that's what these bird room ideas are!  For those of us who are owned by a beaky feathered boss they are a relief because they'll keep your birds happily occupied for hours at a time even when you don't have time to be right in there with them.  If you switch the toys around once a week and add foraging toys each day it'll be hard for your parrot to get bored and into mischief.

Warning... building a bird room (even one tucked into a nook in a "people room") is extremely addictive!  Once you start you'll be constantly on the lookout new bird toys and things you can make bird toys out of!

6 Spiffy Pet T-Shirts For The Pet Lover In You

Spiffy Pet T-Shirts For Animal Lovers
Who doesn't love pet t-shirts?  If you're anything like us, you love your pets.  Whether they are small and fuzzy or cold blooded (in the literal sense, we all know how much they love you) and scaly.  Why not show off how much you love your pets with a pet t-shirt!

From geckos and turtles to bunnies and ratties, they all deserve love and someone out there bragging about their silly antics!

Felted Cat Caves: Whimsical Sculpted Cat Bed Ideas

We have fallen in love with felted cat caves and think you and your cats will too.  These things are flat out amazing.  When it comes to shape or design, because they are shaped from felt, the sky is literally the limit.  Designers can create any hollow shape they can imagine from ultra sleek, modern pod shapes to whimsical elf houses and even critters or monsters!  That means there's a cat cave that's right for you no matter what your what your personal style is.

And your cat will love it as much, if not more, than you do.  We can all but guarantee that!  You know how much cats adore boxes, right?  They love sitting in them, sleeping in them, taking baths in them and even playing in them on occasion.  However most of us don't usually want an ugly box hanging out in the middle of our family rooms.  But you wouldn't mind a piece of functional textile art, would you?  That's why felted cat caves like these are win for everyone, including your favorite fur ball.

Faux Leather Dog Bed Ideas

A faux leather dog bed is a stylish, fun and cruelty free way to give your pampered pooch a posh place to rest his weary bones.  They will love you for getting them up off the floor and into the lap of luxury that you both know they deserve.

Seriously folks, these doggy beds are super stylish and cool.  Your pup will look amazing curled up or stretched out on one of these mini sofas.  And they will keep them up off the cold floor, out of the drafts that waft thru so many of our homes in the winter months.Many of them come with memory foam cushions so they truly are comfy dog beds for your babies too.

Fun Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse Ideas

Ok folks, a cat teepee bed playhouse is a crazy fun idea.  The unusual design will amuse you and your guests while your cats will love the little hidey-hole space to romp or sleep in.  A total win-win!  In addition to keeping your cat toasty warm and up off the floor while napping your kitty will love hanging out and "stalk you" from inside.  Add to that the conversation starter value when your uppity neighbors or In-Law's visit and one of these little beauties will be your best friend.

Large Indoor Rabbit Hutch, DIY Rabbit Cage Ideas & Accessories

Why a large indoor rabbit hutch? Because here at Spiffy Pet Products, we believe that your pets are family and family stays inside. Right?  So you're going to want the best possible home environment for your pet rabbit and the rest of your family and that means everyone, including your new bunny, gets the space they need to feel safe and secure.

If your just curious (or in a hurry)....

✅ This specific large indoor rabbit hutch is the most popular with our readers.

Something you need to remember is your adorable rabbit is actually a prey species and his instincts are always telling him to stay on high alert and hide when danger threatens.  So even if you plan to let your bunny have the "run of the house" you'll want to give him (or her) a place that is only his to retreat to when he's feeling threatened or overwhelmed.

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