Felted Cat Caves: Whimsical Sculpted Cat Bed Ideas

We have fallen in love with felted cat caves and think you and your cats will too.  These things are flat out amazing.  When it comes to shape or design, because they are shaped from felt, the sky is literally the limit.  Designers can create any hollow shape they can imagine from ultra sleek, modern pod shapes to whimsical elf houses and even critters or monsters!  That means there's a cat cave that's right for you no matter what your what your personal style is.

And your cat will love it as much, if not more, than you do.  We can all but guarantee that!  You know how much cats adore boxes, right?  They love sitting in them, sleeping in them, taking baths in them and even playing in them on occasion.  However most of us don't usually want an ugly box hanging out in the middle of our family rooms.  But you wouldn't mind a piece of functional textile art, would you?  That's why felted cat caves like these are win for everyone, including your favorite fur ball.

Faux Leather Dog Bed Ideas

A faux leather dog bed is a stylish, fun and cruelty free way to give your pampered pooch a posh place to rest his weary bones.  They will love you for getting them up off the floor and into the lap of luxury that you both know they deserve.

Seriously folks, these doggy beds are super stylish and cool.  Your pup will look amazing curled up or stretched out on one of these mini sofas.  And they will keep them up off the cold floor, out of the drafts that waft thru so many of our homes in the winter months.Many of them come with memory foam cushions so they truly are comfy dog beds for your babies too.

Fun Cat Teepee Bed Playhouse Ideas

Ok folks, a cat teepee bed playhouse is a crazy fun idea.  The fun design will amuse you and your guests while your cats will love the little hidey hole space to romp or sleep in.  A total win-win!

This one has a little sherpa ball and bell to encourage your kitty to play.  The base is filled with 2 inches of memory foam.  Talk about kitty comfort!

The bottom is covered in non-skid corduroy so your floors are safe from scratches. It's 18 inches across and almost 18 inches tall when assembled.  Did I mention the Teepee top zips off?  Yup it

Large Indoor Rabbit Hutch And Accessories

Check out this super spiffy large indoor rabbit hutch!  Have you ever seen anything like this?  Ok, so maybe I don't get out much to be so excited about a rabbit house.  But when I was a kid and we had pet rabbits on the farm there was nothing like this available for us to keep our bunnies safe and sound in.

Modern Contemporary Fish Tanks With Big Style

Do you love the look of modern contemporary fish tanks but hate the sticker shock?  If so then you are gonna love the spiffy fish product we've found for you today!  Just feast your eyes on the Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light.

This baby is 6 gallons of pure modern, contemporary beauty.  It comes in white or black and 6 or 12 gallon capacity.  Boasting close to 100 FIVE STAR reviews on Amazon this tank is a show stopper with style and value.

Zebra Finch Cage Setup

If you have a pair of birds this is an excellent zebra finch cage setup to get you started.  Ok, so it's good for folks who are old hands at finch keeping too.

The doors on this cage are especially nice.  There are two of them and they work independently of one another and they swing down instead of sliding up. No doors falling on you or your birds.  I hate that.

Front Pet Carriers For Small Dogs

Have you seen these front pet carriers for small dogs?  They are too cool and very handy for folks who own dogs 20 pounds and under who need a bit of assistance getting around.

Shown above is the Kyjen Outward Hound Front Carrier.  It comes in two sizes.  The small is for dogs up to 10 pounds.  And the Medium is for dogs between 10 and 20 pounds.  It is made of soft yet durable nylon and has reflective piping to keep you and your pup safe.